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Get a headstart in all areas of your development programme using the world-class player centred 7 Phase Method that empowers teams & student-athletes to take ownership of performance and soccer education even when time is short.

What is the 7Phase method?

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The 7Phase method was originally developed by Mark Kelly for Portsmouth FC professional football club to empower his players and coaches to take control of performance. Mark honed this method over 20 years at the elite level. Mark has tried and tested the 7Phase method in the heat of elite professional football. He learned from mistakes and tweaked the system to create one of the most successful coaching programmes in British sport. The athlete’s Mark has helped develop can be found all over the professional game Globally.

For the first time ever, Mark has decided to share his world-class 7Phase method with elite coaches so they don’t have to take 20 years or suffer the same mistakes, before achieving coaching excellence.

How to know if the 7Phase is for you?

Next Level Coaching

Below are a few coaching pain points the 7Phase method will help you overcome with total clarity and coaching confidence. If you have ever found yourself asking the following type of questions and unable to answer with total confidence the 7Phase method will be perfect for you.




Player Structure

How It Works

The 7Phase method is delivered via a 1-day workshop on ZOOM.  During the day you, Mark Kelly and the team will take you through each of the 7Phases (see below). During each stage, there will be the opportunity to ask questions and interact so the learning is tailored specifically to your learning needs.

Phase 1: Awakening the student-athlete & player-centred learning

Phase 2: Systems of play, and to break down a playing system

Phase 3: The 5 step team implementation process

Phase 4: The everyday coach = Building a coaching syllabus

Phase 5: Made to measure

Phase 6: Plan away = Periodization daily, weekly, monthly, whole season

Phase 7: Recruitment & planning for long term success

Expectations out of Possession Example

What Our Coaches Say.....

The 7phase model is proving to be very beneficial for my team as we are really tuned into the daily processes that have been put in place which are easily implemented and measurable. The ongoing engagement on a weekly basis regarding all aspects of daily training sessions, team development, opposition analysis, relationship management, tactical and psychological approach for games has helped us make an excellent start to the league and cup competitions. 7phase match my personal values on trust, respect and honesty which is evident in every conversation. 
My personal relationship with Mark has evolved considerably since the back end of the 2020/2021 season during which time I was fortunate enough to tap into the wealth of experiences Mark has amassed over the years and transfer that knowledge to my coaching staff and players resulting in an immediate upturn in performances and results. As a young developing coach I felt it was important to have an experienced mentor to help me on my journey aspiring for excellence. 


7phase are reliable, professional and efficient with feedback which ties in with my personal beliefs of thorough preparation, not cutting corners or taking short cuts. I hope to maintain the ongoing partnership for many years to come and despite being in Hong Kong they are always available to help solves problems and challenges that I am facing. I strongly recommend 7phase for anyone coach or organisation that need help putting systems and structures in place in a high performance environment

Zesh Rehman Head Coach of Southern District FC – Hong Kong Premier League

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